Glenn Labar

Managing Principal

What started as a simple request from Glenn LaBar's parents to help them protect their retirement savings became a lifelong career. Today, as a WealthBridge Licensed Agent and Managing Principal, Glenn has assisted over 3,300 clients in identifying their retirement needs, goals, and new priorities of having protected retirement savings and income accounts. His considerable experience and knowledge of retirement savings products provide a wide range of options to individuals and families concerned with securing their hard-earned nest eggs. Because of these efforts, Glenn's clients have never lost a dollar due to market crashes.


As an independent member/presenter of the Federation of Federal Employee Benefits Advocates (FFEBA), Glenn has educated hundreds of San Diego's Federal Employees on how to get the most out of their well-deserved benefits.


He is certified by the National Social Security Advisor (NSSA), the premier Social Security advisor education group. Glenn's extensive knowledge of Social Security benefits has helped hundreds of families maximize their Social Security income with an eye for reducing their tax liabilities.


During difficult times when a family is dealing with the loss of a loved one and navigating the complexities of the family's estate plan, Glenn's knowledge of taxable and non-taxable death settlement IRS rules has allowed his clients to minimize tax consequences.


Glenn's twenty-five years of experience is central to Wealthbridge Insurance Solutions' proven success in meeting clients' unique needs as they plan for or navigate their retirement years.

Phone (619) 297-3200