"Tari is knowledgable, patient, and explains things simply. Without her direction, I would not be successful in my retirement investment goals. I wish she had entered my life long ago as I feel secure in her advisement." -Julie C.

January 10th, 2023



"Good experience with Glenn, he appears to be quite knowledgeable and organized." -Frank N.


January 6th, 2023



"Tari answered all of questions very professionally and clearly so that I understood what she was explaining. Will be calling you when I'm read to retire." -Dominick T.

December 29th, 2022



"Very good information that I was Not even aware of." -Jeff S.


December 28th, 2022



"Received a call just letting me know that Tari was running a little late. That was super helpful and much appreciated! Sometimes, it's just the simples things that contribute to a great experience. Thanks!" -Joseph K.

December 19th, 2022



"Took care of all of my issues." -J'Adore G.


December 9th, 2022



"Very professional and knowledgeable." -Manuel P.


November 17th, 2022



"Provided material beforehand. I need time to absorb info before talking about it. I prefer at least a day. Also, my SIM card was acting up and not receiving phone calls. Tari was understanding about my phone issues, and used email, text and my PC's Calendar to help sync up." -George M.

November 1th, 2022



"This lady rocks! She knows her stuff and made me feel so much better about retiring and more secure." -Patricia C.

November 3rd, 2022



"Elsa is always amazing at keeping everyone informed, both clients and staff. Glenn has always treated us like family and given us great direction." -Mary F.

September 23, 2022



"So far, soooooo good." -Nicholas P.


September 3rd, 2022



"I did not bring a lot of information and they helped direct me to resources and gave wonderful advice. -David R.

August 16th, 2022



"Nice Person (Tari Watkins), very knowledgeable and professional." -Alfonso A.


August 4th, 2022



"Elsa is the office manager who keeps everything going and stays on top of our issues and concerns." -Mary F.

August 4th, 2022



"The office staff greeted me as soon as I walked in. They are all prompt in taking care of the clients. Thank you for your professionalism." -Miyoko B.

July 19th, 2022



"She was patient and helpful." -Wayne J.


July 14th, 2022



"Glenn is always so knowledgeable and really helps answer all of our questions!" -Donna M.


June 30th, 2022


"It's the extras that matter most. The extra time and detail provided on financial recommendations. The offer to work with family members who might benefit from a financial adviser. The productivity of the meeting specifically, Tari's willingness to complete as much of the process as possible during the office visit and organization/plan for future meetings. Office staff, (Brian?) was very friendly and professional. Great service and team overall...thank you!" -William M.

June 10th, 2022


"The staff of Wealthbridge (Elsa) has always been very courteous and responsive to questions and concerns." -Mary F.

June 29th, 2022


"My first time talking about retirement had a great conversation and am looking forward to working with the group." -Lori B.

June 8th, 2022


"And the cookies were awesome! Thanks" -Karen S.


May 26th, 2022


"Sasha was very helpful in amending the change to my Living Trust. She was very pleasant to work with." -Kathleen V.

May 6th, 2022


"Friendly reception by the office staff and financial advisor. Advisor provided sufficient time to explain market performance in relation to my current portfolio. When providing a better investment strategy, he explains in detail why a certain option is likely to perform better. And he takes time to answer all my questions to the level of my understanding." -Macario D.

May 5th, 2022

"Everyone is very friendly and very professional. I was pleased with Sacha's efficiency and expertise!" -Beverly M.

May 3rd, 2022


"My annual visit to WealthBridge is always good. I am able to ask questions regarding my retirement savings as well as my investment explanations on stocks and markets making and losing money. In addition, I would like to commend the office staff for their warm welcome and excellent hospitality. Many thanks for their professionalism and kindness." -Cassandra B.

April 26th, 2022


"The office staff is very pleasant and easy to talk with. They greet you in a friendly manner with a smile. The Estate attorney is very knowledgeable and helpful with your needs explaining things in a way you can understand." -Kathleen V.

April 20th, 2022


"She was awesome and explained very well." -Tanisha N.


April 20th, 2022



"Tari is great at explaining how our money can grow and keep it safe until my husband and I can retire." -Cecilia DS

April 14th, 2022



"Glenn was outstanding and took care of my needs." -Arthur M.


March 31, 2022



"Human, confident, professional, and patient. Thank you." -Kevin S.


March 18th, 2022



"No waiting took care of me in a few minutes." -Richard T.


March 15th, 2022



"Very knowledgable and informative about the information presented." -Annomious


March 11th, 2022



"Very friendly and knowledgeable." -Deirdre CD


March 2nd, 2022



"Very concerned about my living trust." -Richard T.


March 2nd, 2022



"Very professional and explained everything to my satisfaction. Very happy to be working with their team." -David B.

February 23rd, 2022



"Very kind, knowledgeable, and professional. Patient with me which I so appreciate." -Judy P.


February 16th, 2022



"Very knowledgeable and helpful." -Katherine W.


February 14th, 2022



"So nice and very very informative." -Susan P.


February 10th, 2022



"Professional, very interested in our future, and congenial." -Manual P.



February 9th, 2022



"Very friendly, courteous, and professional." -Stephen R.



February 9th, 2022




"I went into the meeting with lots of questions regarding my finances. My every need was met with absolutely no pressure. Glenn was a true gentleman. I will refer him to my friends and family. Very good experience." -Collette C.

January 28th, 2022



"As always all our questions are answered. Glenn is very professional and very personable. Never rushes us. Elsa is always on top of things and a pleasure to deal with, she also makes great cookies." -Greg A.

January 28th, 2022



"Thanks for taking the time and the recommendations." -Ricky C.


January 13th, 2022



"Tari will develop a pension payout plan. She advised me about the early positioning of my TSP. She also advised about protecting our distributions during times of economic correction. Thank you Tari." -Valvincent R.

December 17th, 2021



"We feel very comfortable and trust Glenn we are at a point in our lives we don't want to risk our savings and with his advice, our nest egg is secure and can grow with a base guarantee." -Sandy B.

December 10, 2021



"Sacha made things super easy to talk about and Elsa is always amazing!!" -Amber P.


December 9th, 2021



"Tari was patient in sharing information regarding options as a 3rd party advisor with VA employees." -Janine B-W

December 7, 2021


"Tari was very pleasant, explained everything clearly, and was not pushy in any way." -Laurie H.


November 23, 2021


"Mr. LaBar & staff were knowledgeable, accommodating, and resourceful. We are pleased with the service we received and will continue our relationship with WealthBridge." -Tonia W.

September 24, 2021


"Glenn is very knowledgeable and professional. I always get answers that make sense and that guide me towards making good decisions. Elsa is wonderful, and not just because she gives me cookies! She is a real pro, too." -Jeff H.

September 10, 2021



"Everyone was patient and informative!" -Anne G.


September 2, 2021


"I am always treated like a person, never like an

account. They are very professional and knowledgeable." -Jeffrey H.

September 2, 2021


"Wonderful." -Elusma P.


August 25, 2021


"Very helpful, security first retirement." -Elusma P.


August 24, 2021


"Professional, patient, and great at communicating-including listening." -Judy M.


August 13, 2021


"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff." -Terry E.


August 5, 2021


"Always productive and professional. Glenn takes time to explain all our options and makes sure we understand them. He follows up and keeps us up to date. Elsa is great too at following up and making us feel like important clients" -Greg A.

August 3, 2021


"Tari is so helpful!! My brother joined the call with us today and after he said "she is awesome!!" Thank you for all of your help!!!." -Julie S.

July 22, 2021


"This is all been very intimidating and overwhelming. Sacha and Tari offered other ideas and let me know they understand this is a lot and they were here to help. I felt the help and that's what I really want. Thank you." -Julie S.

July 7, 2021


"We enjoy Glenn's enthusiasm and expertise. He explained some changes clearly and gave us food for thought. Sacha was helpful. Thanks to both for coming to our home." -Margaret S.

June 30, 2021


"Tari is very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator." -Derek G.


June 27, 2021


"Miss Watkins was well prepared and on time. She presented options that both of us, my wife and I, could appreciate and evaluate." -Louis W

June 8, 2021


"Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Takes their time to make sure I understand how things work." -Anonymous

June 4, 2021


"Miss Tari brought financial information to the meeting that I was unaware of. I really appreciate her knowledge and presentation." -Louis W.

May 28, 2021


"All of our questions were answered and left satisfied with the Living Trust." -Julie H.


April 25, 2021


"Very pleased with the service." -Larry B.


April 2, 2021


“No way I could handle this on my own. I am always nervous going into the meeting but soon made to feel at ease.” -Charlene W.

March 26, 2021


“Felt very nervous when I first got there but everyone helped me relax and feel comfortable. Answered all my questions so I could understand.” -Charlene W.

March 23, 2021


“Glenn always takes the time to explain all our options and answer all our questions even if we ask the same ones each visit. He is professional, patient, and personable. Elsie is also a pleasure to work with and makes great cookies.” -Greg A.

March 11, 2021


“Everyone was very pleasant and professional. Our discussions were informative and helpful.” -Ron & Ann D.

March 4, 2021


“Wonderful staff and I loved the cookies.” -Shirley K.


February 26, 2021


“Very kind and helpful at a hard time.” -Joanne T.


February 19, 2021



“Tari was very professional and anticipated questions/plans. I really appreciate her insight and the reports ran.” -Meghan B.

February 17, 2021



“Very nice and kind, everything that was promised came true. Thank you for such kind service, it is truly appreciated.” -Cynthia T.

January 21, 2021


“Gave us good advice.” -Diane B.


January 7, 2021


“She was very informative and kind.” -Anna J.


December 28, 2020


"The financial advisor I spoke with was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, but he was in a huge rush to get through with our phone meeting. Although originally scheduled for a half-hour, he told me he had to hang up to attend another meeting only 12 minutes into our call. He said he would follow up with an email so we could arrange another time to talk, but never did." -Randi R.

December 28, 2020


“Glenn offered lots of information on various topics related to my retirement planning. He was knowledgeable and flexible to answer a broad range of questions. Very helpful and pleasant." -Mary B.

December 9, 2020


“Now I can move on with confidence and make the right decisions. Thank you very much.” -Arthur N.


December 1, 2020


“The information I received helped me greatly. Looking forward to continuing to resolve some retirement issues.” -Arthur N.

December 1, 2020


“You explain everything good and everybody there is nice and friendly. You make us feel welcome!” -Honey H.

November 25, 2020


“Did not have all the information I requested.” -Luanne E.


November 22, 2020


“Very friendly and knowledgable.” -Larry B.


November 10, 2020


“Friendly, professional, and personable. We all felt comfortable and informed.” -Karen D.


November 6, 2020


“Customer service was impeccable. I received a call the day before asking me for specific details I wanted to know about my retirement. When I received the call the following day she was able to answer those questions and more. I would recommend this service to my fellow co-workers who have sometimes found it difficult to get answers when contacting our local personnel office. Thank you.” -Cheri W.

November 4, 2020


“Efficient, welcoming, and informative.” -Kathleen B.


October 26, 2020


“Very professional and helpful. Received appointment time very quickly and to my advantage. Thank you very much.” -Susan F.

October 14, 2020


"Everyone in the office was very helpful.” -Charles R.B.

October 14, 2020

“Tari is very knowledgeable in IRA's and Federal TSP savings. She gave me information on what options I have to better my savings.” -Linda D.

October 8, 2020

"Tari explained things clearly. She is working up a graph to show my potential growth for my savings.” -Linda D.

October 1, 2020


“Glenn is easy to work with. We appreciate his ability to share information at our level of understanding. He is always flexible with our schedules as well.” -Steve F.

August 26, 2020


“Glenn has always been great with us. He is patient with us and answers all our questions. He also gives us options with explanations on how they will help us. Elsa is terrific and very personable. She is responsive to our questions and makes great cookies.” -Greg A.

August 24, 2020


“Very professional and friendly. All my questions were answered.” -Lawrence B.


August 18, 2020


“My advisor, Glenn, took a personal interest in my situation and made sure all my questions and concerns were addressed. The secretary/receptionist, Elsa, was very friendly and helpful.” -Jeff H.

August 13, 2020


“Pleasant & informative.” -Barbara B.


July 31, 2020



“Glad to have contact with new Advisor Mark but he said we are in good shape as we are now and no changes needed at present time.” -Margaret S.

July 20, 2020


“They are all very nice and helpful.” -Penny H.


July 15, 2020


“Didn't answer some of the questions I asked in regards to my trust!” -Linda L.


July 1, 2020


“Wealthbridge has been my financial advisor for many, many years. I have always been very satisfied with their service and advice. In particular, Glenn has been especially helpful. When it's time each year to review my investments, he actually comes to my home and saves me the trip down to their offices. Their follow-up is always timely, and their knowledge of finance is excellent and up-to-date. The BBB has awarded Wealthbridge an A+ rating, and I would recommend them without reservation.” -Karen S.

June 29, 2020


“Meeting information was precise, helpful, and thorough.” -Leland R.


June 24, 2020


“Glenn is great, he knows exactly what is best. Elsa is always charming, love her cookies.” -Linda R.

June 18, 2020


“All good and professional, always a good experience.” -Flor M.


June 11, 2020

"First relaxed atmosphere, friendly, caring staff even cookies!!. Experts for whatever area you need. I was so very impressed. Thank you so much.” -Laurie B.

June 9, 2020

“Everyone is very professional and ready to work, no wasted time.” -Mikel C.

May 6, 2020


“The financial advisor and the support staff are very helpful and knowledgeable.” -Anonymous

April 27, 2020


“Will follow up on Family Trust after Covid-19 with my parents. Thank you for all the professional service.” -Linda M.

April 10, 2020

“Tari knows what’s she’s talking about & I feel she has my best interest in mind.” -Jackie F.

April 1, 2020


“We appreciate being contacted by the agent instead of us having to make contact. It was reassuring to know that our money is protected during this virus pandemic because we put the proper provisions in place.” -Anonymous

April 1, 2020


“Everyone is friendly and efficient. And...the cookies are delicious.” -Helen B.

March 31, 2020

“Glenn is always patient and professional with us and has done a great job with our investments. Love the fresh cookies at the office.” -Anonymous

March 30, 2020


“Elsa is a super dedicated employee and very professional as she has always been.” -Manuel P.

March 17, 2020


“All very professional” -Anonymous

March 11, 2020


“Explains things very well and his advice has been great. I feel like my money is really working for me. Elsa has also always been very helpful.” -Anonymous

March 11, 2020

“Attention to detail, knowledge, personal service, and feel like one of the family

(My husband appreciates the coffee and departure cookies).” -Anonymous

March 9, 2020


“It is so pleasant to come to your office. Elsa, Glenn, and Sacha have been so accommodating to us. We were glad to refer our friends to you today which speaks volumes. And the cookies don’t hurt either!” -Donna S.

March 5, 2020